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  • Ex-Clov CEO buys 1 million shares ~ Politicians buys and sells

Ex-Clov CEO buys 1 million shares ~ Politicians buys and sells

Rep. Debbie Dingal sells $AAPL - Rep. Michael McCaul buys $AAPL

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Ex-Clov CEO Buys 1 million Shares 

You may remember this $CLOV after Chamath smashed it with his SPAC wrecking ball.

Vivek Garipalli, a director and ex-CEO of Clover, just made a splash by purchasing 877,567 shares at $1.14 each, totaling over a cool million dollars. This went down on June 17, 2024. Now, Garipalli is sitting pretty with a total of 877,567 shares. If he were to sell today he would take home $166,737.

Clover Health, a healthcare company specializing in hospital and medical service plans, reported a profitable Q1 2024 with insurance revenue up 8% to $342 million. They even authorized a $20 million share buyback program. Because, why not?

Chelsea Clinton and a couple of other big names got elected to the board at their recent annual meeting. They also brought Ernst & Young on board as their auditors.

Now, before you get too excited and start dreaming of early retirement, a heads-up: analysts are a bit cautious. The company's earnings projections have been revised downward, and they’re not expected to be profitable this year. So, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

This one is added to the watchlist. Just keep your expectations in check and maybe cross your fingers for a little extra luck.

Breaking: REP. Debbie Dingal is Dumping Her Apple Stock

Representative Debbie Dingell has sold up to $115K of Apple stock, $AAPL.

Dingell sits on a House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. 

This isn’t to say that she knows anything, it’s just to say she’s the best person to know something.

  • The trades were disclosed on June 24

  • They were filed on June 13th

Rep. Michael McCaul filed $12 Million Worth of Trades.

Representative Michael McCaul has filed $12 million worth of trades.

Michael is taking the opposite side of Dingal’s trade. He bought $1.2 million of Apple, $AAPL, selling up to $500,000 of Wells Fargo, $WFC, & many more buys/sales.

He sits on numerous committees including the Foreign Affairs and Homeland Security.

Conflict of interest

Recent trading activities by Representative Michael McCaul have caught the attention of ethics watchdogs and critics, sparking concerns over potential conflicts of interest.

In a notable instance from April 2024, McCaul purchased up to $350,000 in Meta stock. This transaction occurred shortly before he voted in favor of legislation that could benefit Meta by imposing a ban on its competitor, TikTok, highlighting possible ethical dilemmas tied to his legislative actions.

Just this past year:

  • $293.95 in buy volume

  • 1729 Trades

  • 313 Issuers

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