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  • 📉 GameStop's Rollercoaster: Stock Plummets After Share Sale Announcement

📉 GameStop's Rollercoaster: Stock Plummets After Share Sale Announcement

Good mornin’ and welcome folks to the first-ever issue of Boring Data, We’re here to make the financial markets so interesting you forget it’s boring—Kind of how you forget about the gym membership you never use.

Our posting schedule is Monday, Thursday & Saturday 😭 (I have no life). Since I couldn’t wait I decided to release the first issue today! Briefly talking about the good, the bad, and the Jim Cramer.

Alright let’s make some money

Back to business, Here’s what’s cooking this Saturday

  • How GameStop's share sale is shaking things up 📈 📉 

  • Nvidia's earnings: Can they keep the rally going? ⚖️

  • Robinhood's wild week: Stock soars over 20% 📈🌟

  • Is the bull market here to stay? 🐂📊 

📰 GameStop Stock Crashes Amid Share Sale 

GameStop just pulled a stunt, announcing plans to sell up to 45 million shares.

Predictably, the stock tanked faster than your New Year's resolutions, dropping 25-30%.

This came right after a sad Q1 revenue report, which left analysts shaking their heads and saying, "We told you so." The company warned about "extreme volatility" (fancy talk for "brace yourselves"),

leading to a major drop in share value. Now, everyone’s questioning GameStop’s strategy – or if they even have one – in this unpredictable market.

Deep Dive 🏊

  • Disappointing Q1 sales between $872M and $892M, compared to $1.2B last year.

  • The stock lost over $8B in value during a three-day retreat, reducing its weekly gain to 27%.

  • Options activity for GME has dropped, with AMC seeing only half the activity from earlier in the week.

NVIDIA Earnings Crucial to Market’s Spring Rally

Nvidia is about to drop its fiscal first-quarter earnings on May 22, and it's bigger than a blockbuster sequel.

The S&P 500 just hit an all-time high, thanks to a tech rally, with Nvidia leading the charge like the superhero it is.

Over the past month, Nvidia’s stock has skyrocketed 9.22%, leaving the Nasdaq’s 6.5% gain eating dust.

The AI Chip Giant's Impact:

  • Nvidia’s new Blackwell GPUs are dominating AI, with clients like Microsoft, Alphabet, Meta, and Amazon.

  • CEO Jensen Huang predicts $250 billion annual growth in the data center market due to AI investments.

  • Wall Street is eagerly awaiting Nvidia’s Q1 results to justify the Nasdaq’s 13.1% YTD gain and tech spending spree.

Market Movers:

  • Analysts expect Nvidia’s Q1 profits to jump fivefold to $5.58 per share, with revenues tripling to $24.6 billion. It's like your bank account suddenly tripling overnight.

  • The S&P 500, up 11.8% YTD, is handling interest rate hikes well, thanks to strong corporate earnings and economic performance.

📰 Robinhood Stock Soared Over 20% — This Week – Here's Why

Robinhood (HOOD) just had a killer week, with its stock shooting up over 20%. Thanks to a major thumbs up from Bank of America

What’s Driving the Surge?

  • Bank of America upgraded Robinhood from $14 to $24, thanks to a retail trading comeback. It’s like going from intern to CEO overnight.

  • Robinhood's Q1 revenue jumped 40%, with EPS at $0.18. It's a major glow-up from its unprofitable days!

    Markets Insights:

  • Robinhood's premium membership, Robinhood Gold, is growing fast with 1.7 million subscribers. It’s the VIP section, and everyone wants in.

  • The stock, although still 70% down from its all-time highs, is catching waves from increased trading and crypto activity. Surf’s up, traders!

    Is It a Good Buy?

  • Robinhood’s current market cap is $18 billion, with a P/E ratio over 100. Even though it’s growing, it’s like paying for a designer brand when you could get something just as good at a discount.

  • While the stock might keep climbing, long-term investors might find it overpriced given the company’s financial health and profitability metrics. It’s a high-risk, high-reward kind of deal.

    Jim Cramer pic of the day

We want to know… who were YOUR biggest winners & losers in your portfolio this week?

A/ AMC – "I haven’t seen a movie since 2017"

B/ GME  – "Ape Strong (I don’t have money for food)"

C/ Other –  [enter your reply!]

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