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Huge Cluster Trade on $FF - Is it a buy?

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GM. This is Boring Data, the only place where insider trading is okay. (Just kidding it’s not)

Here’s what we have today:

Table of Fame

6 insiders purchased $FF 10 days apart.

FutureFuel Corp is developing, manufacturing, and marketing biofuels and specialty chemicals.

They operate through two main segments:

  1. Chemicals: Producing essential compounds used across various industries.

  2. Biofuels: Developing sustainable fuel options from renewable sources.

Here’s the lowdown on FutureFuel’s insider trading action:

  • Ronald J. Kruszewski is on a buying spree, scooping up over 100,000 shares in three days at prices around $4.50-$4.60.

  • Charles W. Lyon, Terrance C. Z. Egger, Rose Sparks, and Thomas McKinley also bought shares recently, with the largest single purchase being 20,000 shares by McKinlay at $4.38.

Stock is the cheapest it’s been since 2009.

It’s all buys and no sells, indicating strong insider confidence.

This is the first time $FF has been purchased by insiders in over two years.

$FF currently sitting at 52-week lows.

Maybe rightly so, here are the average returns since inception.

But here are a few key details from it’s form 10Q filed in March.

Strong Cash Position: With $201.1 million in cash, the company has ample liquidity to cover short-term obligations and invest in growth opportunities.

Manageable Liabilities: Total liabilities are $160.6 million, which is manageable compared to their assets.

Solid Equity: Stockholders' equity is $204.8 million, indicating a healthy financial base and retained earnings.

$FF bounced off support it had created for itself in 2009, with earnings coming up on August 24, this could drive prices higher.

Not saying this is an investment, but DYOR.

$ADBE is up 15% 🚀

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We’ll see you folks on Monday, have a great weekend.