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Politician Roger Williams Fails to Report 19 of his Trades.

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Table of Shame

Rep. Roger Williams failed to file for 19 of his trades, violating the STOCK act.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we have a world record for the longest period without a disclosure.

Some of his trades go as far back as 5 years without any disclosure

The most notable are:
- $NVDA - 2019
- $DIS - 2019
- $GE - 2019
- $META - 2022

all the trades above were disclosed only a few days ago.

Campaign Legal Center (CLC) filed a complaint with the U.S. Office of Congressional Ethics.

They requested an official investigation in Rep. Roger Williams for failing to disclose up to $45,000 worth of stock transactions.

The STOCK Act gives Congress 30 days of receiving notice of the transaction

Within 45 days of the transaction date.

It also mandated the posting of the filings on the Internet.

In most cases, the requirements also apply to trades by spouses and dependent children.

"Rep. Williams serves on the Financial Services Committee. Based on publicly available information, it is unclear whether Rep. Williams’s failure to file was an attempt to avoid scrutiny of trades connected with non-public information or with potential conflicts of interest."

"Because Rep. Williams was almost certainly aware of the requirement to file PTRs for stock transactions, it raises the question of whether he may have knowingly avoided disclosing his stock trades at the time they were made."

"An OCE preliminary review can gather information to determine whether Rep. Williams knowingly violated the STOCK Act."

What’s the punishment for violation you might ask?

A cheeky $200 fine.

All member of Congress and their staff receive mandatory STOCK Act training. This ongoing trend of violations shows that a small $200 fine does not deter members of Congress from breaking the law.

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