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How to Spot an Unusual Trade + Portfolio Update (+$254)

What I'm watching this week: $ACHR

Hey it’s Omar. Thanks for reading Boring Data.

It’s been a slow week for insider trading, 4th of July + early market closure saw fewer SEC forms come in. Nonetheless, there is plenty of opportunity to make money.

Also quick update. I’m currently building an insider trading stock screener, It will be free. Forever. You guys will be the first to use it.

From My Trading Desk

Recently, my focus has been on unusual trades. These trades make you look at them and think, "Huh?"

The hard part for most people is finding out what’s unusual and finding out what’s normal

How is an unusual trade classified?

Large Volume Purchases: Insider buys a significantly larger number of shares than usual.

Short Time Frame: Multiple large purchases made in a very short period.

Timing with Major Events: Purchases made just before significant company events (e.g., earnings announcements, product launches, mergers).

Deviation from Past Behavior: Insider trades that deviate from their historical trading patterns.

Concentration of Trades: Multiple insiders making large purchases around the same time.

Position Change: An insider with no or minimal holdings suddenly acquires substantial shares.

Financial Health of the Company: Large purchases during financial distress or when the stock is underperforming.

These don’t come up very often but when they do pay attention.

The Stocks that I’m watching going into next week

$ACHR - Archer Aviation (Long Term Play)

Archer Aviation just announced another $55 million investment from Stellantis (STLA).

Stellantis is a $75 billion auto manufacturer, and the company is aggressively investing in the eVTOL company at every turn.

The latest investment was part of the strategic funding partnership established back in 2023 with the investment triggered by Archer Aviation achieving the transition test milestone.

Stellantis acquired 17.4 million shares at only $3.14 per share is getting an eVTOL aircraft certification and preparing to launch an air taxi service right around the corner in 2025.

Archer Aviation ended Q1 with a cash balance of $406 million, so the $55 million investment is very helpful.

The company has quarterly operating expenses forecasted in the $80 to $95 million range, so an additional investment from Stellantis provides the market with more security the company will easily obtain the cash necessary to reach the launch of an air taxi service in 2025.

Portfolio Update: +$254

Quick snapshot on the practice account.

Added $DMAC to the group. May potentially cut $CLOV, depending on how it performs this week.

$TMCI is still doing its thing.

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